Why we feel the need to remain anonymous

New Narratives 2014 is being organized by three transsexual women. We are putting together this workshop in order to encourage members of our community to ask tough questions and to do some internal work that may be very difficult. We realize that not all trans women are in a place where they are ready to consider these notions.

To be blunt, many of the topics we hope to explore during this event are dynamite within the trans community. As individuals, we have in the past been shouted down, called names, accused of transphobia, accused of self-hatred, accused of violence, blocked, banned, smeared, and threatened for voicing our opinions and concerns. Additionally, all of us live stealth lives. We are torn between our concern for our sisters and community and our fear not only of losing the normality we’ve built for ourselves in our personal lives, but also being personally attacked and libeled by zealous trans activists. Moving this discussion from the virtual world to the real world is risky, and we are well aware of the fire we’re playing with. Attendees will be meeting with us personally, and we’re ready for that step, but posting our identities online publicly still feels reckless at this point.

To any and all trans women who already consider themselves gender and/or trans-critical, or to any who find themselves at a crossroads in their conception of self and community: please come. We’re holding this event because we care and we seek better directions for trans discourse. We’re anonymous because we know the current state of trans activism and we recognize the necessity of caution.


2 thoughts on “Why we feel the need to remain anonymous

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  2. I am kind of curious what “GenderTrender” is with regards to the pingback. A trans group? Not really important but had some seeming mixed messages

    On the subject of remaining anonymous it seems reasonable to me. At least at this stage of discussion. It allows for discussion of the topics based upon merits and not personalities involved.

    I’ve found that not providing biographical information tends to keep the focus on the material, not the person and it denies the people who don’t like the message yet can’t dispute it logically their only remaining weapon which is character assassination. I want to hear what people have to say, why they believe or think that. Not be told I should nor should not listen to because of who they are.

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