Workshop Schedule

The day will be structured around the following discussions and exercises. Feedback from existing or prospective registrants is welcome!

10:00 – 10:15
Coffee and Hellos
Light breakfast snacks too
Intro, cont. – Ourselves and Our Contexts
Getting to know each other in brief – what brought us to New Narratives, what we are bringing to New Narratives, and what we hope to get out of it.
Differences Between Sex and Gender
Small-group brainstorming and big-group discussion activity to examine how we have experienced sex and gender as being similar and different in our own lives.
Gender Abolition: Pro or Con?
What do trans women have to gain from gender abolition, and what would we lose?
What If You Don’t Pass? What If You Do?
Brainstorm supportive narratives and coping strategies for non-passing trans women framed beyond the limitations of gender identity.
1:00 – 2:00
Lunch Break
Multiple options within walking distance, including a gathering spot of tasty food trucks.
Mindfulness Exercises
As trans women, dissociation from our bodies is a common roadblock to feeling whole again.  Mindfulness meditation can help us reconnect in a positive way with our bodies. We will talk briefly about the scientifically proven benefits of meditation on well being, followed by a guided walking and sitting meditation session.
Trauma and the Trans Experience
We will use a brief passage from Judith Herman’s Trauma and Recovery as a framework to examine the relationship between trauma and trans existence.
Not in My Name: Putting Trans Activism Back on the Rails
What needs to be said, but not in the way it’s being said? What should never be said? Moving past peak trans, to address the actual emergencies in our midst. (small groups/whole group)
Closing Thoughts & Open Discussion

3 thoughts on “Workshop Schedule

  1. Wow, this is an ambitious programme – and you’re sure to want a follow up forum to discuss further. Good luck with this project.

  2. Hi, is there anyone who is going to this also going to radfems respond? If so could I tag along with you for the time between the meetings? It would save me some bus trips and having to get my friend to pick me up from the bus station.

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